Dot Nation (ńdi dót)

My art is reflective of my ethnic nationality and reimagines the age-old heritage Igbo Uli practice. I make use of the material and non-material aspects of my cultures to create contemporary art & design work leveraging modern technology. Primarily, my work aims to inspire a strong sense of identity & belonging stemming from the negative impact of the Nigerian Civil war on the Igbo’s – the ‘vanquished’! On a broad scale, it promotes Afrocentric interventions, conversations and causes aimed at advancing black culture.

Dot Nation is a blockchain based community of culture enthusiasts collaborating to build and support the work of the Centre for Memories (CFM), a hub with a repository of the history and culture of ‘Ndigbo’, aimed at informing and empowering the people about their past. The Dot Nation token represents membership, ownership and support of this vision. Fifty percent (50%) of proceeds will go to funding the CFMs vision to be the leading hub for Igbo history, culture, and excellence. The Dot Nation crypto art social impact project is inspired by recent issues around the socio cultural & political existence of marginalised ethnicities.

Token Utility  |  COLLECT TOKEN
1. Free download of Akala Uli E-book (A digital compilation of Igbo Uli motifs)
2. Ownership with full commercial usage rights of the Dot Nation token art.
3. Lifetime access to information & paid events organised by the CFM.