African Digital Arts - Project Feature
Weekly project feature by African Digital Art, a platform that showcases digital projects made by African artists or projects influenced by Africa. It is exciting to see African projects that displays and encourages creativity. 

Blank White Sheet - Design Thinking Facilitation
“For more than 3 years Blank White Sheet has been creating leaders within the industry and this year is no exception. We intend to focus on highlighting the challenges and successes of creative start-ups. Providing experience based roadmaps on the possibilities of success even in a challenging business environment.”
Behance - Prpfile
Designer Profile
Design Indaba - Designer Profile
"Chuma Anagbado is a product designer and a design activist who is passionate about propagating indigenous cultures and creating scalable design solutions for real life problems through research and collaboration...."
FGC Okigwe - Alumni Interview
"Many will remember Mrs. Anagbado (late) our HOMEC teacher at FGCO; a vibrant and classy lady, fashionable and with a love for arts and all things home management. A great teacher who always had a smile and a word of encouragement at any time for her students. Chuma Anagbado is her son, and is from the graduating class of the 1999 set."
Gods of Creativity - Interview
"If you’ve never heard of Aziza Design, please take a seat and read on because this is unlike any creative studio you’ve ever seen. Started on July 1, 2014, Aziza is powered by sweeping ambitions. It wants to retune businesses to a point where CEOs will instinctively reach for design thinking as the way to grow their companies’ bottom line."
Maestro Media - Feature
Morsi PR - Feature
"After a breakthrough innovation called ‘SPONTINISM’ (an art form that consists of illustrations created spontaneously with lines drawn from human experiences, forms and intricate patterns in nature, simplified to their barest constructs, yet retaining their essence) LIZAAD, a budding Nigerian lifestyle brand, is set to make its official debut with a 1st product exposé dubbed ‘IVIE’."
Product Design Feature - Behance
Social Media Week - Master Class
"Africa needs to start telling its own stories, showcase its scenes and propagate solutions to its problems by itself. This is exactly what the ‘Art of Design thinking’ intends to birth. The workshop on ‘Design Thinking’ is focused on raising a strong crop of ‘Glocal’ and ‘Upwardly Mobile’ individuals who thoroughly understand, imbibe and integrate the ideology and concept of Design Thinking into their every activity while leveraging data, the growing and influential social media space and its associated technologies."
Vanguard - News
"Set to make its official debut with an exposé of a series of products dubbed Ivie, is a creative arts company, Lizaad. According to Chuma Anagbado, illustrator and founder, Lizaad is a creative arts company set up to seek and provide functional applications for a new art form, which he calls Spontinism. Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2012/07/ivie-anagbados-expose-of-functional-art/"
Ynaija - Feature